We are a champion for the business owner. Ally to the professionals who help them.



Business owners need help. Closely held business is the engine of the US economy and if we don't help them, who will? They are so busy working "in" their company that they fail to take the time to work "on" it.  We created BusinessKillers to correct this problem. It was created from the perspective of the buyer, not the seller. Thus, there is no discussion of insurance product or financial services and nothing for sale.

To be successful, the advisor must eliminate product noise and simplify complex issues. Effective education comes directly from effective storytelling.

BusinessKillers is designed to motivate behavior through emotion.


All of the professionals who license BusinessKillers are focused on the business owner market. These individuals can be insurance advisors, attorneys, CPAs, banks, RIAs, Exit Planners, and P&C Agencies. Their concentration of work may vary but their commitment to the client does not.

We're proud to say, some of our licensees have been with us for more than 15 years. Some longer. Dedication, commitment, integrity, purpose. These are the qualities we all share.

Our clients success is the only valid measure of our own.
— Jerry Mainardi, Co-Founder/Managing Partner

The Selling Technologies programs are the best marketing tools I have ever worked with that gets the attention of the business owner. I don't know how to even guess how much revenue it has generated over the last 20 years!
A.W., CLU, ChFC - Kentucky

With more than 40 years as a financial services professional, I have never used a more effective suite of programs. Suffice it to say that I owe the Mainardi brothers for having made my business a winner in the marketplace. My ROI is in the mulit-100%'s!
C.L., CEPA - Maryland

We are using The Business of Medicine (BusinessKillers for doctors) and we have so much business we don't know what to do with it!
S.C., - Georgia

Nearly every professional that deals with business owners should be using these videos to engage with clients and Centers of Influence. An example of commissions on (big) pending cases I now have in or soon to be in underwriting: $299,796 - $160,779 - $310,986 - $101,898 - $231,440. These are a direct result of Selling Technologies content.
F.H., Senior VP - Oklahoma

I have always viewed the Selling Technologies content not only as a highly effective way to engage with business owners on key topics. They have also opened many conversations around: Charitable Planning, Executive Compensation, Gift Giving and pure Tax Planning. These programs are the best marketing tools I have ever used.
L.M., JD, COO - Virginia

Many of my largest cases are the direct result of Selling Technologies' programs, including Buy-Sell, Executive Compensation and Charitable Giving cases. Their programs quickly "open the doors" to all advanced sales areas of planning. Their vignettes are also an excellent training tool. I use them every time I explore a new topic with my advisors or conduct training events with the field.
D.N., JD - Nebraska

We've had great success with this approach generating multiple six figure returns! P&C agencies now have a powerful (automated) methodology to generate strong top-line revenue.
M.P., CLU - Connecticut

I opened the mail today and was quite pleased to receive a $125,000 commission check. Thank you, Selling Technologies!
L.C.- Illinois

I've never experienced customer service like this. They called me - at home - on a Sunday night and fixed a technical issue with my computer that had nothing to do with their program.
A.M.- Pennsylvania

Immediately after my presentation an attendee came up to me and said; "...we knew we had a complicated problem with our business, but we had no idea who to turn to until we attended your workshop."
S.C.- Georgia

Every advisor is looking for unique ways to acquire new clients. Not only do the vignettes differentiate my practice, they also motivate business owners to act.
H.P., CFP, RFC, CLU, LUTCF - Pennsylvania

The video content has set us apart over the years as we continue to partner with law firms and banks to educate their business owner customers. If you tried to build their programs from scratch it would never get done and never be this all-encompassing!
T.O., President - Texas

The response of business owners in terms of initial consultations, sales and referrals is resounding! Typically 60% - 85% of business owners have agreed to follow up meetings and more than 33% have resulted in sales! What's more, the suite of products has been instrumental in building strategic relationships the CPAs, attorneys and TPAs. We could not have established the value of our Platform in the Small Business Market without these invaluable tools.
M.D., CLU - New York

The Selling Technologies content and BusinessKillers program are the centerpiece of the Business Owner Summits we host. Last year we did $5 million in revenues from these events.
L.L. - Georgia

After my first presentation, I had eight confirmed appointments! If that wasn't good enough, the individual who manages the association is paying all my expenses to have me do another BusinessKillers presentation at their National Meeting.
M.J. - New Jersey

After just three months I have already earned over $35,000 in commissions. I'm not saying these programs will be part of my marketing in the next month or next quarter... I am saying they WILL BE MY MARKETING for the next year.
R.M., ChFC - Indiana

These programs have redefined the way I do business. This year I have generated about $107,000 in commissions!
M.M. - West Virginia

After a presentation to a small group of female business owners in the MidWest, I was asked to present the Selling Technologies workshop to over 400 women at an association event in Philadelphia. One of the founders attended!
L.S. - Wisconsin

I just ordered the BusinessKillers program and licensed AMANDA. Because after attending a BusinessKillers presentation, hosted by another advisor, I watched him sign 19 appointments in the room! There were only 22 business owners in total.
L.B. - Virginia

I didn't use the programs as much as I should have this year, but that will change! I still made over $42,000 in commissions.
A.P. - Washington

We connected with a group of dentists using this content. They were not aware of business overhead disability insurance. We're writing that policy and have already begun talking to them about a new Buy-Sell Agreement.
V.W. - North Carolina

I have the CPA firm inviting clients, the law firm inviting clients...it's the best - most effective - free marketing these professionals have ever done.
W.K. - Texas

I did a presentation in conjunction with an estate planning attorney which led to writing a $13.6 million dollar life policy.
R.T. - Nevada

I partnered with a bank to do BusinessKillers presentations. After our first meeting we surfaced a deferred comp case. The bank's commission alone is $20,000. They are thrilled.
M.H. - Oklahoma

When you expose the spouse of the business owner to these videos, do you know what she sees? A "black hole" she doesn't want to find herself in...
H. V. - South Carolina

Hosted my first Business Owner Summit. Three legitimate prospects in the room. Three new clients 30 days later...that's a 100% close ratio.
C. L. - Maryland


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