It is critical that advisors have a clear understanding of the underlying strategy of the program.

There are six main topics in the BusinessKillers program and a wide variety of topics that can be addressed. It is important that every presenter recognize the content is purely educational. Designed to help a business owner quickly identify problems. Our process is proven. Easily repeatable.

All licensees get access to the secure side of the Selling Technologies site with training and marketing materials. Licensees can also enroll in our Mobile Minutes, tips and strategies sent directly to your mobile device. Our content is designed to crush the Forgetting Curve and accelerate retention.

The video vignettes in the BusinessKillers program are conversation starters. And that is where the discovery process begins. Storytelling conveys issues quickly and effectively. Too often professionals gravitate to their extensive product knowledge...unfortunately that is a mistake.

The path to success with BusinessKillers... "you will sell more product when you stop selling product."


Impact of the new tax laws

There are certain topics that should never be overlooked in a presentation. One is tax law, and the recent changes will have a profound impact on business owners. It's vital that the presenter explain that tax planning needs to be done well in advance of any filing. 


planning and protecting assets

Business owners are serial procrastinators. They do not dedicate the time to plan and protect their most valuable asset. That neglect can have serious consequences.


exit planning

Few people fully recognize that selling a company will be one of the most emotional events in the life of a business owner. Right after the birth of a child, death of a loved one, marriage, divorce...this event is profound. Equally important, the owner will get but one opportunity to do it right.